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The State of Conversational Commerce 2021 Study

We hired a third-party firm to mystery shop ~1,500 consumer brands. Find out why 1,031 of the brands failed—and how winning brands rose to the top using an exceptional approach to conversational commerce.

Humans or bots? (Yes, customers can spot the difference!)

The consensus is that chatbots on their own aren’t cutting it. Customers crave a human touch… and can definitely tell when they’re not getting it. Almost everyone —95% of shoppers — were able to tell the difference between a chatbot and human customer service agents.


Lower customer effort leads to greater customer satisfaction.

It turns out that humans are a key element in making chat a helpful, low-effort experience for customers. And the easier brands can make it for customers to find the right products, get answers to questions, and make purchases, the better the results for the business.

Conversational Commerce