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How Princess Polly Captured the Attention of Gen Z

Hear from Alexandria Collis, Director of Operations at Princess Polly, on how to capture and keep the attention of Gen Zers.

They canceled skinny jeans and are always three steps ahead of the latest social media trend. But, what does Gen Z actually want, and what do they really expect from the brands they support?

Simplr and Gorgias sit down with Alexandria Collis, Director of Operations at Princess Polly, to explore ways this iconic fashion brand is winning over millions of Gen Zers.

Tune in to learn more about these savvy consumers who crave instant gratification, connection, and authenticity… While sampling cocktails! Cocktail tasting kits are limited to the first 75 registrants, so don’t delay!


Featured Speakers

alexandria collis
Alexandria Collis

Director of Operations at Princess Polly

maddison mccomber
Maddison McComber

Partner Success Manager at Simplr

Michael Potters
Michael Potters

Senior Strategic Partner Manager at Gorgias