What makes an exceptional chat experience in 2021? Let’s find out.

Thursday, August 5th @ 3pm ET

In this summer’s highly-anticipated State of Conversational Commerce 2021 report, Simplr explores how companies are using online chat to convert more customers during the post-lockdown retail boom. Sign up for the webinar to learn what we uncovered in this report: including the results of a mystery shop of over 1,500 ecommerce sites, as well as best practices from the top-performing brands.

As we know by now, not all chat experiences are created equal. Chat, executed well, can be the epitome of successful conversational commerce in the NOW CX era. But if the chat channel is misused (or missing altogether) in your customer service experience, you’ll likely end up with A) no conversation and B) no commerce to speak of.

When we set out to do this research, we wanted to uncover what makes for an exceptional chat experience in CX today, whether or not human intervention makes a difference, how customer effort factors customer satisfaction, and what’s separating the conversational commerce winners from the rest of the pack.

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