How do consumers REALLY feel about chatbots?

We surveyed over 1,000 U.S. adults to find out. 

According to this study, chatbot usage has doubled since the pandemic. However, consumer sentiment towards bots was surprisingly lukewarm.

Are "NOW Customers"  truly enjoying these experiences…or merely white-knuckling their way through each encounter?


Take a sneak peek at some of our findings: 


  • Human handoff is key. 80% of customers become much more willing to use a chatbot if they know they can quickly and easily transfer to a live agent.

  • Generational differences create a great divide. 20% of Gen Z consumers prefer to start their customer service experience with a chatbot, compared to only 4% of Boomers.

  • Bots are good for business. 35% of adult consumers say adding a chatbot increases their likelihood of doing business with a company. 

And believe it or not, these stats just scratch the surface. Download our study now for a comprehensive look at how consumers view and use chatbots in the era of NOW CX!